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Chef Ryan Callahan is a 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Award winning chef and hospitality industry veteran with over 15 years of hands on culinary experience in both Front of House and Back of House. Chef Ryan has experience guiding businesses to new heights with flavorful dishes, sales boosting service techniques, and streamlined operating procedures that helps businesses win and boost their bottom line. In a restaurant, experience always wins! Chef Ryan has managed and cooked in a wide variety of restaurants from sandwich shops, pizza joints, and Chinese take out all the way to fine dining. Chef Ryan is currently focused on teaching the cancer and chemotherapy community how to think, act, and cook like a true chef. What makes Chef Ryan different from other chefs is his culinary perspective on flavor. For some people, they are content to just learn the “what” when cooking which is one or two cooking techniques and then apply them endlessly with no thought or recourse as to why they perform these actions. Chef Ryan Callahan has spent his life in the pursuit of true culinary knowledge to understand the what, why, and how of flavor. He has studied under chefs and masters of their crafts for many years and is proficient in most major culinary styles such as: French, Italian, Continental, British, American, Mediterranean, and Chinese. If you are interested in an interview with Chef Ryan or want to inquire about consulting services, please contact him directly at Cookingforchemo@gmail.com. Q and A with Chef Ryan Callahan How would you describe your cooking style? I would describe it as comfort food with Italian and Chinese influence. What are your favorite foods? My favorite singular ingredient is salt because without it nothing would ever taste good and it pretty much forms the back bone of every cooking style. My favorite singular favorite food item is Chinese steamed pork buns that you get at a Chinese restaurant or market. The reason is this. It has the consistency and character of a kolache. I love the sweetness of the bread, like all Chinese breads are sweet. And I am an absolute wh*** for bbq pork. What is your favorite restaurant that you have ever worked at and why? Yen Ching. It was my Taiwanese family's Chinese restaurant. And why? Because it felt like home. Name something that you eat that is a guilty pleasure but others would poo-poo? Wasabi Peas. My dog and I love to eat them together! What's a food that you HATE eating? I hate eating really heavy meats and dark meat chicken. If you were given a death sentence, what would be your last meal? General Tso's Chicken, crab rangoon, meatloaf with ketchup, canned green beans, mashed potatoes with instant gravy, and a chocolate milk shake. What was the hardest thing you had to learn as a chef? That cooking is an art not just a science. And that you constantly have to adjust recipes and how you cook based on where you are cooking, what you are cooking with, and who you are cooking for. What's the grossest thing you have ever seen someone do in a restaurant? I have never actually seen anybody do anything deliberately gross to a customers food. But I have seen some restaurants with some seriously questionable facilities. If you could give a beginner cooking advice, what would you tell them? Start slow but keep it interesting. I know that personally when I learned to play guitar, I wanted to learn to play songs that I liked. Cooking is the same. Start small but keep it relevant to your interests. What are some of your favorite things to do? (besides cooking of course) I like going to the movies, going out to eat, and listening to blues music. I enjoy binge watching Nexflix with my wife and dogs. We watch a lot of movies, sitcoms, and BBC stuff like Doctor Who and Sherlock. And I like bbq-ing especially when it's cold out. I heard you speak a few different languages. What do you speak and what is your fluency in them? English -Fluently French -Moderate Conversation Level Mandarin Chinese with a Taiwanese Dialect -Basic Conversation Level I don't personally speak Italian or Spanish but I don't have any trouble reading it or understanding it when it is spoken to me. If you were President and could give a Presidential order that one food be banned for good, what would it be and why? Kale. That's sh*t's nasty. And last but not least, if you could have dinner with any celebrity chef, who would it be and why? Anthony Bourdain because he's cynical and blunt. I feel we like can get drunk, swap stories, and just have a great time eating at a hole in the wall and going to a dive bar. And I would also say Gordon Ramsay. The BBC Gordon Ramsay. Not the angry exaggerated American version. If you have ever seen any of his shows on the BBC, he's blunt, kind, extremely passionate about food, and genuinely wants to help and teach people. He is just like me.

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July 8, 2015

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November 5, 1985

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